Saturday, January 31, 2009


Let me preface this with an apology. We forgot the camera. I was about hitting myself in the head and saying, "Doh!" when I realized it. Anyway, WE WENT BOWLING LAST NIGHT!

It was so fun! We haven't done anything like that is a long time. At least not since the weather started turning frigid here in Cleave Land [say it like Vizzini in Princess Bride].

At first Megan and Jeremy kept saying they didn't want to go bowling. I think they wanted to stay home and watch movies we'd borrowed from the library. LAME! So we told them they did want to go bowling and that it would be a lot of fun. So we are into making our children spend time with us. . . hmm. . .I didn't think that would start until they were teenagers.

Once we got there and they woke up a bit (because we can't drive 5 minutes after 4:30 PM without them falling asleep) they got excited to pick out their balls and go at it. It ended up though that Megan, Jeremy, and I all shared a ball while Nathan had his own. The people next to us had a Donkey ball, as in Donkey from Shrek, and Jeremy kept trying to take it off the ball return. Both he and Megan got their fingers smashed trying to take balls off, poor kids.

But here's how the game went down:

Nathan: 114
Kellie: 89
Emma: duh. she didn't play, but Megan said Emma could be on her team :)

Nathan was sure Jeremy would beat Meg because Jeremy actually got a strike! His face was priceless afterward! He was so excited and his smile was ear to ear.

However, Megan got a couple spares and I think that's what made the difference. It was funny to watch Megan because I'd ask her how many she was going to knock down and she'd always say either, "6" or "76."

Emma was a great little cheerleader, clapping for us when she saw us getting excited. I think she clapped the most for Megan though. After all, they were on the same team!

If any of you Cleave Landites want a good place to go bowling that is in a nice, safe area go here.


Ry and Kris Jones said...

That's awesome. I'm big into bowling. I'm glad you guys got out. We went a few months back and found an alley that was pretty scary. We thought we might get mugged right there in the place, so thank for the link to a nicer place.

JerieH said...

How Fun! We took Jacob bowling when we lived in Miami, but he didn't bowl, he just ran up and down the walk way. We should try it again before Kurt leaves.
Have you taken the kids ice skating yet?