Friday, January 30, 2009

My Domesticity Revealed

I was hoping these would help keep our apartment a little warmer.
Unfortunately, the living room windows are rather large.
So I'm now planning on making some to go behind these that will stretch across all three windows there. These are probable the quickest sewing project I've ever done. I'm not sure if that's because they were easy, or because it's so cold in our apartment that I was on quick mode to get them done!

The set by Jeremy's bed have yellow instead of polka dot thingys. Not sure what those are called. I thought a solid yellow would look more boyish than the pink polka dots I put next to Emma and Megan's beds.

I know that there are more than enough pictures for you to get the idea. I'm just way proud of myself and I think they are way cute.

5 comments: said...

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Summer said...

So Cute, Kellie! Good job!

Leanne said...

really, nothing warms up a room better than window treatments. I just replaced one lacy thing from my moms kitchen window for a yellow, much cuter, warmer window treatment that Danny made. So cute!

Good job Kellie!

Kellie said...

Leanne, I am always surprised by Danny and Nathan's domestic talents with knitting and crochet! I want to see pictures of what Danny made!

JerieH said...

Great job Kellie. I like making curtains, it make a huge differnece to the mood (and the warmth) of a room.