Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Wow. The holidays are over and we are home now. It's really nice to be home, but it was also really nice to visit with friends and family. I went through withdrawals not being able to write or check out other blogs while we were gone. At least, not as much as I would have liked. I did check out a few every once in a while and I wrote one or two posts. Unfortunately we discovered when we got home that at some point the power went out and everything in our fridge and freezer are nasty now. Too bad.

Here's a quick cap of what our crazy adventures were:

Took off in the all too early morn to leave for Arizona. Thought we were going to die in Oklahoma with the terrible roads.

Visited with our friends, the Omers, in AZ. It. Was. Wonderful. I have found that I love Arizona. It was 58 degrees there and we were able to take the kids to the park and play, we didn't need our heavy coats, there were blue skies, and it was just plain fun! I didn't want to leave when we finally started packing up to go. Especially when we hit snow again. Then I mentioned to Nathan that we should just do a U-Turn and go back to Arizona.

In SLC one of the first things we did was attend the baby blessing of my sister in-law's new baby boy, Tristan. He is a handsome little baby and so small! None of my kids were ever as small as he is at a few months old.

Megan, Jeremy and Emma had lots of fun playing with their grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Emma enjoyed a game with her grandpa where he'd say "ahh" for a few seconds and then she'd repeat it back, then he'd do a short "ahh" and she'd repeat it back short, too. This went on for quite some time!

Emma also learned to sit up on her own and crawl during the holiday! So yay for Emma! She is just doing the army crawl where she's pushing herself with her right foot and dragging her left leg behind her, but she's realizing when she needs to crawl and when she needs to roll. It's fun to watch her think through it and decide which one is best.

As I mentioned in an earlier post we went up to Logan and got to see some friends there. We also got to see my college roommate, Janeen and our good friends, the Johnsons, whom we ate dinner with and then went to see the lights at Temple Square. Then our friends Jess and Mark came down from Logan on their way to St. George and we got to play a couple games with them.

Here are some Christmas pictures for the Texas grandparents, because you've been begging for them!

The rest of us were too cold to get out and get a good look at the St. Louis Arch.

We went through a little bit of Texas on our way to AZ and of course I had to get out and take a picture because I love Texas. Funny thing, when Nathan and I got out we found a My Little Pony that someone else lost on their drive through and it was in perfect condition.
Megan got an extra Christmas present a little early!

Here are a couple pictures of geocaching in Arizona. Nathan and Dave took the kids out to play with the GPS and find random junk. They brought back a snow globe, a Matchbox car and a small bottle that had dirt in it. I'm not entirely sure what was going on with the bottle of dirt.

Megan and Jeremy kickin' back in the van.

This is how Emma opened most of her Christmas presents. She's pretty talented, eh?

Jeremy opening his pirate map (which he played with quite a bit today, yay!)

Megan and her doctor's kit.
After she opened this she constantly gave everyone shots for the remainder of our visit.
Emma and me with some Logan friends and some of the babes.
Us with Amber and Zann and their new little addition, Teddy, who has won (in my book) The Cutest Baby Ever award.
Nathan, his family, and the kids went to see the lights at Temple Square on Christmas night. I was stuck at my in-laws' sick. Yeah. Christmas day wasn't so happy for me.

Here's another one of Megan giving shots. One night we were playing games and she bounced into the kitchen with her arms out and announced, "Presenting my brother!!" He then came out dressed up in her doctor outfit. It was really cute.

Nathan got Jeremy some race car track for all his Matchbox cars. They spent many hours setting it up so the cars would race into boxes, blankets, and other cars.


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I am now following your blog and l♥ve it! Hope you are having a great night! Thanks for being such a sweet friend! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

kollers said...

How Fun! Megan makes one cute doctor! And logan. . . that was fun to see our Logan friends! Glad to see you had a merry christmas! Sorry about your freezer food.

janeen said...

It was fun seeing you and your family, can't wait to see you in April!

The Mirci Family said...

Fun adventures! I just about cried when I saw that you went to Temple Square on Christmas night. That was (is when we are there!) our little family tradition! So glad you enjoyed your trip, and glad your back!