Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who Knew?

I recently discovered that there's a purpose to the extra papers that come in the Disney DVD boxes, henceforth known as "Disney DVD Junk Mail". Ads announcing upcoming DVDs or websites and such. I've always hated all the DVD Junk Mail. All those little papers stuffed into a little DVD box makes it difficult to open it without everything falling out and for some reason I never throw the stupid papers away. But come to find out there's one of those pieces of paper that is actually useful!

I was on the phone with my VT companion (for those of you non-Mormon, that's a Visiting Teaching companion, a lady I go with to visit other ladies from Church to make sure they are doing well, fellowship them, and deliver a spiritual message, etc.) and she told me about the Disney Rewards Program. Now I've seen the little pieces of paper inside the DVDs with their codes, but never cared about a free pair of Mickey Mouse ears or what have you. Today I discovered the greatness of the program. For a mere three hundred points (which I quickly acquired with three DVDs) you can "purchase" 4 phone calls from different Disney characters. You can kind of personalize them with either a birthday greeting, or encouragement, or get well wishes or whatever and set a time for them to call.

Do you want to know what was so cool about this? Tigger called our home for Jeremy today. Tigger called to give Jeremy encouragement in his goal to potty train. Sweet! He didn't specifically say "potty training" in the call, but Tigger said something about how he knew Jeremy could do a good job, etc. and when the call was over I asked Jeremy if Tigger called to tell him good luck potty training and Jeremy said yes. By the time he went to bed he fully believed that Tigger wants him to pee and poop in the potty.

Then of course we had to have one for Megan, so we had Cinderella call to tell her goodnight and sweet dreams.

The other two calls we got with the points we scheduled for their birthdays, Belle for Megan and Mickey Mouse for Jeremy. Who knew that Disney junk DVD papers could be good for something?


Leanne said...

that's funny. I always throw those away, because I find out about this kinds of stuff after it's all expired.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing!! Hopefully this will help Jeremy.

the wilsons said...

That is absolutely brilliant. From now on, I'm definitely going through my DVD junk mail!