Tuesday, September 9, 2008

As you can see, I'm trying to put my poor blog back together. It has suffered great trials these last couple weeks and I'm working on making it a little better. I found a way to alter it so that it now has three columns instead of two. Hopefully I'll be able to find that blog again if I need it. . . .

AI friends, I know your links aren't here right now. Post them in the comments or email me and I'll put them back on. Your links disappeared when I was trying to change everything and the blog exploded. I think chunks of it landed in China. Great. If I ever get it back it'll have lead poisoning.

If anyone else's link to their blog is missing, or you want it added, let me know.


Janelle said...

I like the three columned template. I have a few complaints when I've tried to use it, but I like being able to spread out my side bar stuff.

1) The text column is usually narrower than I like (although you seem to have overcome that problem).
2) It's harder to find good cute FREE backgrounds for a three column template.
3) The blog description in the header is never quite centered.

But I think it looks more like a real website with three columns.

Carissa Poyfair said...

I just read about the experience you had at the dental clinic, and let me tell you that I've had the same exact experience- the crying so you don't throw up, the slobber on the ugly bib, the gross impression material all over your mouth and face... All for a mouth guard so I don't grind my teeth. At least you found irony in it. I was just annoyed, although I think since I didn't yell at my husband while he was subjecting me to it all shows what a good wife I am :)

Mark and Jess said...

dude.. you read my aunt's blog?! that's awesome..