Friday, September 19, 2008

Being Thankful Despite The Chaos

Yesterday was a rough day so I decided to post
some of the things I'm thankful for to help me get in a better mood.

1. Visiting Teachers who came in the morning,
thus making at least the morning part of my day happy!

2. This

and a clean

because it would have been really difficult if I had to eat it by just sticking my head in there.
And don't think I wouldn't have done it. I needed the ice cream.

3. My family is safe from Ike.

4. We are safe from Ike.
(I can't believe all the trees here that were uprooted because of the winds.)

5. My fish with their calming bubbles floating to the top.

6. A loving husband.

7. Kids that are usually sweet and thoughtful.

8. A pair of jeans that I like and almost fit in comfortably.

9. Kids that are almost quiet because I put a movie in and pulled out the hide-a-bed.

10. A testimony of Jesus Christ and His plan.

11. A blog where I can be me and have friends.
(Am I lame that I consider all you people who I don't know, but leave me comments, friends?)

12. Even if we don't have a van and are literally stuffing our
children into the back of a tiny Honda,
we are at least seriously looking at vans
and will buy one when we get our signing bonus from the Army.

13. Good music to sing along with even if I can't hear the song or
myself because children are
in the background.

14. A bookshelf full of good books. Which leads me to . . .

15. Jane Austen and the BBC.

16. Good friends, most of which are in Utah, Texas, and Arizona,
but I'm slowly making a few here in Ohio.

17. Answers to prayers.

18. An oven that won't burn this year's Thanksgiving pies.

19. A two bedroom apartment that miraculously fits a family of five fairly decently.

20. An improving (be it slowly) ability to ignore the chaos and appreciate the little things more.

21. Fuzzy socks.

22. A husband who not only cleaned up the mess, but also wouldn't tell me
just how big the mess was when Jeremy got into the baby lotion.

23. My teeny tiny iPod Shuffle.

24. The time I get to work on my own writing (however small that time is).
hint, hint. hint, hint. (I know you'll read this, Nathan.)

25. We get to go to the temple on Saturday
(hopefully, we still need a babysitter)


Jess said...

if i could jump on a plane without paying for it, i would totally come babysit.. i miss your kids (and you guys too!) soooo much!! what are your plans for the Christmas break? if you're in utah, we'd like to see you..

Leanne said...

I'm thankful for ice cream too....and I better be considered your friend besides comments..... :)

miss you guys. p.s. I'm against "the minivan." Someday (soon) I'm going to have a bigger car too, but I refuse to drive a minivan...FYI

Kellie Buckner said...

Jess and Leanne, we will be in Utah for Christmas!! Yay! Of course you're my friend besides comments, Leanne! Nathan was againt the minivan, too, but there's not much choice for us right now. We don't want to have to buy a bigger vehicle in another three or four years, so we are just biting the bullet and getting it over with now. I'd love to have an SUV but have yet to find one with what we are looking for.