Thursday, September 18, 2008

You Take The "Cram"

Have you seen the movie The Sandlot? Of course you have. Well, we've been watching it a lot lately. One of the kids I babysit apparently isn't comfortable at my house until he's watched it, and he isn't comfortable with me being at his house until he's watched it. So we watch it a lot now.

Remember the scene in the tree house where the fat kid is telling Smalls how to make a smore? Yes, you do. Ok, so this is my conversation with Megan during dinner the other night.

Megan: "Mom? Do you know how to make a cram?"

Mom: "A what?"

Megan: "A crrraaamm."

Mom: "Uh, no."

Megan: "Well, first you take the cram . . ."

Do you see where this is going? It gets funnier. Megan's known for her "exotic recipes."

Megan: "Well, first you take the cram, then you pour juice on it. But first you put a paper down so the juice doesn't get on the floor. The you pour sparkely red milk on it. Then you try to put soda on it, but it's too hard so you pour different soda on it and it's not too hard. Then you put the chocolate on it and another cram! That's how you make a cram!"

Mom: "Wow!"

Yes, she is a culinary genius. I know it. No plain jane smores for her! Never!! You must keep those plain marshmellows far away from her crams! They shall not touch her masterpiece of a cram! Only juice, sparkely red milk and soda that isn't too hard shall come near her cram. Oh yes. And the chocolate.


Mark and Jess said...

i miss megan.. "turn off the lights! we're wasting money!"

Leanne said...

that's hilarious!!!

trublubyu said...

love, love, LOVE the sandlot! and this is just the dialogue we are always quoting when we watch it.

love the cram!