Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Update

Here are a couple emails from my family. For some reason, none of them comment on the actual blog, they just email me after they read them.

Laurie: we are fine and the house is fine, no electricity but the generator is going. thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Mom and Dad:
I can't tell you how much your prayers have meant to us and how effective they must have been. I spoke with a neighbor this morning and she stated that there is no damage to the house or yard. I spoke with Laurie and like us there was no damage to her home either. Neither of us have electric power, but there are 4 million without power as well. I don't know when they will allow us to return but we are headed home as soon as they give the ok.

Thank you everyone for your prayers! I really appreciate it. I know Heavenly Father heard our pleas and has answered them. Y'all must have some astounding faith!

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Anonymous said...

i am glad everything is ok for you!!!!