Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nathan's 28 Things

A friend of ours did a list of things about her husband for his birthday, one for each year. I'd told Nathan about it and said I'd do it for his birthday. Oops. I forgot. I guess he was really looking forward to it though because today he reminded me of it and told me how disappointed he was that I hadn't done it yet. Sorry Nathan! I love you!

1.) Nathan loves to play "pile on the bunny" with the kids. Sometimes he puts one of them under the beanbag chair and flops on top of it. Other times they all just lay on top of each other and yell, "Pile on the bunny!!!"
2.) Nathan is the second of five kids, three boys, two girls.
3.) He is in his first year of dental school.
4.) He signed up for the Army to pay for it and we are actually really looking forward to it.
5.) Nathan was recently called to the Young Men's Presidency.
6.) Nathan got his Eagle Scout Award when he was 14.
7.) His two favorite foods are chicken enchiladas with green sauce and shrimp jambalaya.
8.) His favorite shows (and the only shows we watch) are House, Arrested Development, and Prison Break.
9.) He can quote Homestarrunner.com and use phrases from it in everyday conversation.
10.) Nathan loves to make people laugh.
11.) He's good at #10.
12.) He loves to play games, his favorite being Power Grid.
13.) He occasionally talks in his sleep, but nothing ever makes sense. For example, he once told me he was going to get an apple out of the ocean.
14.) He used to sleepwalk as a kid.
15.) He went to El Salvador on his mission.
16.) He is a terrific husband and father.
17.) Nathan is a superb knitter and has taught others how to do it. (This is an infant sweater he made for Megan.)
18.) He can build a computer from scratch.
19.) Nathan's favorite books are the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson
20.) With our next boy (assuming we have another boy) he's letting me pick the name!
21.) Nathan always thinks to bring home chocolate or ice cream when he knows I've had a bad day.
22.) He always gives in when we take the kids to get pictures taken and I want to get more than we agreed on before going in the studio.
23.) Nathan set up this blog for me over a year ago, but it wasn't until January (New Year's Resolution) that I started using it.
24.) He has more patience with me than I thought possible for anyone.
25.) He's recently gotten into webcomics. Jump Leads is his favorite.
26.) He is a certified optician.
27.) He is the proud owner of two large fish tanks filled with cool fish.
28.) He's 28! Hope it was a good one! We love you!!!


Shellie said...

if 17 is true then I think I might fly him out for the next super saturday we have. Interested in teaching 100 women how to knit?

Leanne said...

Ha ha ha, And my husband taught him how to knit. Or was it to Crochet? crap. I'm losing my memory now too!

Amber said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!! Talk about awful friends. You should know us well enough to know that we do not remember birthdays. That is cool. I will have to do that in February for Zann. I still miss you. Do you have a calling yet? That's cool with Nate's new calling. When we go to a family ward, that is going to be Zann's new calling.

You guys are awesome. FYI, I don't feel like a cute prego woman. Just for the record.

Leanne said...

Actually, Danny still knits. And Crochets a little. I thought it was funny when they would ask each other's advice....nerds! gotta love them!