Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday Nathan Dear
Happy Days Will Come To You All Year
If I Had A Wish Then It Would Be
A Happy Happy Birthday To You From Me!

Nathan hates this song. So of course I emailed it to him on Friday because . . . da da da duuuuum! It was his 28th birthday. Instead of ticking him off, the song made him smile (awww!) and he thought it was funny since he knew that I knew he didn't like it.

We celebrated by letting him go to school from 8am to 5pm. Then we decided after that much fun, he should probably take it easy -- so I had him watch the kids while I made dinner for a change. For his birthday dinner, he chose shrimp jambalya.

Let this be a testament to my love for Nathan. Not only did I make the jambalya, but I also ate the jambalya, including the shrimp and the celery -- my two least favorite foods in the whole world. However, I have no picture to prove it, so you'll just have to believe me. I just couldn't eat shrimp and celery and smile at the same time.

Apparently, neither can Nathan.

After dinner, we enjoyed brownies and ice cream. As a special surprise, I added Craisins to the brownies. We thought it was good with the Craisins, and Nathan knows I can't leave a recipe alone, even if it was a box.

In order to get the Craisins into the brownies, I had to take the brownies out of the oven. See, Nathan thought he'd be helpful and put the mix together while I stepped out of the kitchen for a minute. When I came back in, the brownies were in the oven already--without the craisins. So I asked Nathan to do something that took him out of the kitchen for a few minutes so I could take the brownies out of the oven, sprinkle in the craisins, mix them around, and then put the pan back in.

Then Nathan opened his presents. I had given him his present from me a few weeks back because I thought he could use some new "professional" clothes for school. Megan painted him a picture and his mom sent a box with those jelly fruit wedge candies (we just call them "jellies") and an expansion pack for Carcassone, which we played that night after the kids went to bed.

And Emma had fun, too!
Happy Birthday, Papa!


Mark and Jess said...

happy belated birthday, nate! we miss you guys.. yesterday mark announced that he misses megan because she's so dang funny..

Leanne said...

Happy (late) Birthday Nathan! Too bad we are no longer close enough to celebrate with non-cake foods!

Amber Omer said...

Happy Birthday Nate! We're jealous of your carcasonne expansion! We'll have to play next time we meet up!

Sounds like you had a great bday day! Hope all is well!