Thursday, September 11, 2008

[Insert Your Favorite Mormon Expletive Here] Also Known As: Megan's Even Newer Do

So, today I thought the kids might like to take a nap. They weren't really being cranky, I just felt kinda lucky this afternoon and thought it might actually happen. Plus I wanted to blog in peace gosh darn it!

Jeremy got out of bed twice but after I laid him on the big pillow in the living room with a blanket he fell asleep. After thinking about it I remembered his taking a nap is actually a bad thing because he will now be a.) wired for the rest of the night, b.) cranky for the rest of the night, or c.) all of the above. But then I thought about it again and decided I don't care if he does take a nap or even where he does it if it means I can lurk in my favorite blogs. He can lay on the bathroom mat if he'll actually sleep there.

Megan I thought would be easy. If Jeremy falls asleep she's ten times more likely to take a nap without any of the nasty side effects. This afternoon, however, was not as lucky as I imagined. About ten minutes after I noticed Jeremy asleep on the big pillow, Nathan came home (yay!) and got to see Emma in her new duds (which you can't see because she pooped in the jeans before I could take a picture). Not five minutes later we heard a shriek coming from Megan's room. We walked in and sitting on the bed was Megan with the saddest look ever on her face and a comb stuck in her hair. Nathan and I both tried to get it out, but no luck.

She is infamous for trying to "curl" her hair with a comb or brush. Usually I catch her before she makes a really big mess of her hair, but since I thought she was asleep, I didn't see a need to patrol the bathroom or keep the combs and brushes on lock down.

Nathan took Megan to the computer to look at hair cuts for kids and I called a wonderful girl in our ward who cuts hair. About half an hour later Megan was sitting in her professional up and down chair staring at her image in a gorgeous black vintage mirror. I should go back to her house just to take a picture of her hair-cutting room.

Another half hour passes
and Megan's got a new look! ------->

We think it's dang cute.
She really likes it, but was concerned that people may not recognize her now.

She asked if Jeremy might not
know who she was anymore and
contemplated what her friends in
primary would say. "That's not
Megan!" "Yes it is me! I just got my
hair cut!"

On the way home she wondered what
Heavenly Father thinks about her
hair and so she asked Him.

He likes it!

And here's the weapon of mass destruction --->

Kellie Note: Let me explain the first half of the title. Nathan thought it was weird, so I figure explanation is needed. I had plans for Megan's 4 year pictures and they included long hair. Really long hair. And so now, unless her hair can grow like those Play Doh dolls (freaky snake hair!) it's not going to happen. So sad. So very, very sad.


Jess said...

adorable!! i love it.. and i'm surprised she allowed it to get cut since her first hair cut was only a little while ago..

Anonymous said...

WOW....i remember doing that when i was little and then having to get my hair cut!!! OUCH!!!

Her hair cut looks really really cute!!!!!

I don't think my hair looked that cute when i got it cut....i think i ended up with those dreadful Fly Backs!!!!

Shellie said...

her hair is cute and thats great that she (or you) weren't to bent out of shape about cutting her long hair. Its crazy but she kinda doesn't look like the same kid with her short hair I can see what you mean by worrying about if people will recognize her.

Kellie Buckner said...

Ok, so this morning she gets in my bed and I'm not really paying attention to her. But when she gets out of the bed to grab an apple I caught a glimpse of her (without my glasses on, so I'm pretty blind) and I saw the short hair and I thought to myself, who is this kid in my bed?! I totally didn't recognize her!

Jess said...

now THAT is funny!

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute hair cut!! and so much easier for you now!! Double bonus!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Awww--- she looks so adorable in her new hair cut! Your haircut-girl did a great job. It's a very I'm-an-adorably-sassy-girl look. I love it. Shouldn't worry about people not recognizing her as she has the same pair of beautiful eyes and that gorgeous smile. You baked her well in your uterus, Lady!

Kellie Buckner said...

Well, my uterus does know how to bake! ;o) It is cute and it was very easy to do her hair this morning. (She let me do it!) No screaming or crying about it hurting as I brushed it, so that's a nice change.

Leanne said...

What a cute haircut! And now she has hair like Kellie! It's ok that she had to get her hair least it wasn't something like getting a black tooth, or gashing her head which would require stitches. (both of which have happened to Reuben before pictures.)

trublubyu said...

cute little haircut and adorable little girl.
thanks for stopping by my blog.

Janelle said...

It's really cute. I made a point of telling her at church today, but she either didn't care or didn't recognize me. When we got home, Ben asked me if Meg's hair was that short last week. I told him the whole story, including that she was nervous about people recognizing her. He said "Oh, I'm glad I talked to her then. She's such a cute kid!"