Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pictures as Requested

As requested by Jess, here are some pictures of the kids.

Emma on the boppy.

Megan loves to be in pictures, so when I was taking pictures of Emma,
she just popped right in there and smiled.

Ha ha! I made the kids put balls under their shirts and pretend to be pregnant!
I love how Jeremy has his hand on his belly, like he really is pregnant!

Megan decorating her prego belly and Jeremy looks like he's having a contraction.

A friend made these awesome hairbows for Emma!
I can't believe they stay in because she has no hair!!


Jess said...

oh! thank you! i love how megan and jer look depressed in the prego pictures.. like they're thinking, "why did i do this? i'm far too young.." hahaha!! thanks again

abby said...

such precious kiddos! i'm sure you hear it non-stop, but megan just looks like a tiny version of you. :) i guess i didn't realize you're in cleveland now-- wish we could have met up! i'm sure we can do it some time.

kollers said...

Ahhh. Megans hair is darling! Kellie I am so glad you are getting hooked on the Office. You will not regret it! It is so funny and you can quote it forever. Hope you guys are good. Your kids are too cute!

Mary said...

Ahah those pregnant pictures are hilarious! What cute kids!

Amber said...

When did Megan get her hair cut? It is so adorable. The video is hilarious.