Friday, February 20, 2009

The Everyone and Their Dog Tag

I think every one I know has tagged me with this, but most of them have been on Facebook. Sorry folks, I just don't do much there and to be honest, I don't even know how to post it on Facebook. So I decided to do it here when Cathy tagged me with it on her blog.

25 Random Things About Me

1. Growing up I thought I was going to work in Hollywood. I wanted to bring Steven Spielberg his coffee.
2. Along the same lines (kind of) when I was in 8th grade I got the lead in the school play, Babe Archer, Private Investigator, in the play My Gun is Pink. Kind of funny since my maiden name is Gunn. And I actually had a pink (toy) gun in the play.
3. My right earlobe is detached. My left earlobe isn't. When I get nervous or sad I pull on my right earlobe, hence it's detachedness.
4. My left eye has twitched every single day since the beginning of January. Every once is a while it takes a few hours off, but still, it has twitched every single day.
5. I want to go to Texas and visit family and friends.
6. I want to live in Texas when dental school is over.
7. I wish my Texan accent was more pronounced. (It really comes out if I'm mad, I'd like it to come out when I'm not mad, too.)
8. I made a yummy apricot tart yesterday and had some for breakfast today.
9. I really want a house within our ward (church congregation) boundaries.
10. Of the houses we've seen, the one I want isn't in the boundaries. :(
11. My Church calling is in the nursery.
12. I don't want to be in the nursery.
13. I babysit 2-3 other kids almost every day. Hence random thing #12.
14. I like to sew.
15. I would read all day long if there was nothing else that required my time and attention.
16. I love to play sports. Basketball and softball being my favs.
17. I don't understand makeup or hair products. I've never really understood how to use them. Except for stage makeup. I can make myself look really, really old--I just can't make myself look nice.
18. I want someone who's never left a comment on my blog before to leave one.
19. I have the cutest kids ever.
20. I'm excited for the resurrection so I won't need glasses or contacts to see.
21. I used to work in the photograph archives in the Special Collections and Archives at Utah State University and if you google my name you can find some of my work. But be sure to include something about Special Collections in the search or it may take a while to come up because most of the things that come up are comments on your blogs.
22. I know more about debt consolidation and injury law in the UK than I do about those topics in the U.S. and it is more than I ever cared to know.
23. My favorite restaraunt is Earls and there are only three in the U.S., none of them close to me. The rest are in Canada. I got to eat there almost every P-day in a couple of my mission areas.
24. I would love to teach junior high or high school English or History.
25. I'm babysitting right now and the kids have made multiple forts, are playing t-ball with small nerf balls and k'nex sticks, and trying to type on the keyboar




Cathy Witbeck said...

I can so identify with the nursery thing. When we lived in Brigham City I had two kids in the nursery and I was pregnant and they called me to - the nursery. I wanted to strangle the bishop. Of all the places I did not need to be it was there. I was with little kids all week and then on Sunday, surprise -I got to go hang out for the majority of the time with them there too. I hope that Bishop gets what he deserves... a good long calling in the nursery.

Christine Bryant said...

These tags are great to help us all get to know each other better. I'm loving it. AND sorry about your eye. I've had that happen before and it is down right annoying.

also known as shell said...

I'm trying to look real close at your picture to see the earlobe thing. but I can't tell :)

Jenny said...

I will be the person who has never comment on your blog who comments here. I just found you through the link on Emily's blog.

I don't think any of us realized in high school that we had an accent. I lost my accent after leaving Houston. I agree with you...I miss it!

Hazel's Art Studio and Writing Desk said...

I can hardly believe it! You have mismatched earlobes. We must be twins from the pre-existence. My right earlobe is detached and my lift is attached. I have never known anyone else with that little quirk. And where did you go on your mission in Canada? My one son went to the Vancouver Canada mission and the other went to the Quebec Canada mission and spoke French.

I love your blog.

Lacey said...

I thought I would be another person to leave a comment that hasn't before. I love to read your blog. It makes me laugh and since I had your kids in primary it like to see updates on them. I feel a little funny reading it though because you probably have no idea that I do. It is nice to see that you are doing well.
Lacey Christensen