Monday, February 9, 2009

Love List #9 More Siblings, Just Different Ones

Yesterday's love topic was the love I have for my siblings. Today's love topic is the love between another set of siblings. My kids. I've always known that Megan, Jeremy, and Emma are very close. But recently we've discovered just how deep their love for each other goes.

You may wonder how an 8 month old can really be that attached to her brother and sister. But she is. When she sees Jeremy her entire face lights up and she get so excited. When Megan sits and plays with her, Emma will call and coo and make the funnest sounds.

Megan is such a wonderful big sister. She constantly makes sure that Emma and Jeremy are doing what they are supposed to be doing. You know, being the "mother hen" to them. Often I will find that Megan has dressed Jeremy before I am even dressed. Or if Jeremy is thirsty, Megan will go to the bathroom and get him a drink of water. Lately Megan has gotten into picking up Emma and taking her to different rooms. While we aren't all too excited about that, it is cute to see.

Jeremy is absolutely enamored with his baby sister also. If Jeremy is in a bad mood, all we have to do is put Emma in front of him and he instantly cheers up. He will go from crying and scowling to his squinty-eyed smile with his head all cocked to one side and will call her a belly button. If we have to wake him up in the morning before he is ready (this only happens on Sunday now that Church is at 9) we will often wake him up with his baby sister.

Also, last week Megan had her first piano lesson. I walked Megan up to the front door and then ran back to the van to drive around with Emma and Jeremy for the next 45 minutes. When I opened the door, Jeremy was crying profusely. "I want to go with Megan! I miss Megan! I want sissy Megan!!!!!" He was so sad to be without Megan that I had to hug him for ten minutes before he calmed down. Then last Friday Megan had an interview for preschool (to be a peer role model) and I wasn't sure if I had to leave her there or stay. I told Megan and Jeremy to just be prepared for either situation. When Jeremy realized that we might be leaving for an hour without Megan he held onto Megan's hand and this sweet conversation followed.

Jeremy: I want to go with you, Megan.
Megan: I know you do bud, but you're not four yet.
Jeremy: But I will miss you.
Megan: Yeah, but you'll be happy when you get to come pick me up!

Luckily, we all got to stay and the preschool teachers encouraged Jeremy to play with Megan and the other kids interviewing. He was so excited and all day he kept saying that he got to go to preschool with Megan.

I love knowing that even though Megan and Jeremy fight everyday, the love they have for each other is strong. I love watching them with their baby sister, trying to take care of her, feeding her when I'm not looking :) and trying so hard to be good examples to each other and have fun with each other. I know one day they may prefer to play with friends instead of each other, but for now, I'm relishing this time, the time they spend together because they want to play together.


ali said...

That is so, so sweet. Thanks for sharing Kellie!

Cindy Beck said...

How sweet! So many kids do nothing but annoy and torment their siblings. I actually watched a young man once, two or three rows in front of me in church, physically torture his younger brother.

Your kids, who love each other, are so special.

(And yes, I did talk to the young man about his actions afterwards, but I'm thinking it was a lost cause.)

Oh, I almost forgot. Thanks so much for stopping by our humor blog and commenting on Church Bloopers. Glad you enjoyed the one about bringing a friend in a casserole dish! :)

rachel said...

Your kids are so adorable!

Ry and Kris Jones said...

Great picture of your kids. They are all doing something cute. :) We sure do love them. You're great friends and we love having you close.

Ronda Hinrichsen said...

Sooooo adorable!

Ronda Hinrichsen said...
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Ronda Hinrichsen said...
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Anonymous said...

That conversation is amazing. Those kids of yours really are something else!