Monday, February 23, 2009

The Most Tramatic Thing to Happen To Jeremy Since his Hip Caught a Cold

Today it happened.
I sent my first born into the wilderness.

Today was Megan's first day of school.

Jeremy cried.
A lot.
Nathan walked out with Megan and Jeremy wailed out,
"They left me! WAAAAAAH!"

He cried for his backpack so he could go to school, too. I found it for him. And his pirate map. We put the map in the front pocket of the backpack so he could be like Dora.
This cheered him up a little.

But mostly he just looked like this----->

Megan however, looked like this----->
and this


Wade and Jenny said...

Oh man, Janie will start school this fall. I can't believe they are this big already!!

also known as shell said...

I was the baby of the family and I always felt left out when the older kids went to school. I totally feel for jeremy

Laura Moffitt said...

Oh! I remember wanting to go to school so badly!! I feel his pain.

Kristine said...

It took Alessia a little while to learn that while Curtis isn't home she doesn't have to mope or be sad, that she can actually play with all the things he usually is king over.

I am glad Megan is excited for school. Does she start Kindergarten this year?

Summer said...

How cute is she?! I'm glad she's so excited!