Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ikea Flashback

Remember when I wrote about our little trip to Ikea? A few of you said you wanted to see what we bought. Well, I know our trip was way back forever ago, but I'm just now getting around to it. You see, I didn't want to post it until it was finished. I bought some funky (and we all know how much I love funky) hardware for the dresser we got Megan and Emma and for a while only the first four were on it. Well today Nathan surprised me while I was in the kitchen cleaning up cupcake messes. I came out of the kitchen and saw him finishing up this project of ours.

As you can see, Megan is very excited to finally have the rest of these on the dresser. Probably because it was her drawers that were missing the hardware for three months.

Here are a couple close up pictures of a couple of my favorite ones.

This is actually the one that started it all. I went to Anthropologie's website and saw it. I decided to go to the store here and go get some, but when I went I couldn't find any. I bought 6 pieces of mismatching ones to make it more fun (for me, not Nathan :( ) and then walked over to Cold Stone for icecream. Then I walked back over to Anthropologie after deciding to go ahead and buy the last four I would need to complete it. That's when I saw the sale bin that for some odd reason I hadn't noticed before. I'd been in the store for about an hour and never noticed it, even though it was right next to the hardware. That's when I found the piece I'd originally gone in for and they only had one!

She's so happy!

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