Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love List #3


I love it.

Nathan brought this home for me the other day.

Nathan is always so good as to bring home chocolate
or ice cream (of the chocolate variety) when I've had a bad day.

Jeremy and Megan were funny when I let them taste this. We gave them small pieces, being that it is 70% cocoa, and Jeremy thought the citrus taste was lemon
and Megan thought it was strawberry.

They were both quite insistent.

I am very sure that chocolate has on a number of occasions saved my life as well as those around me. For example, right at this moment I am babysitting and the youngest of the three additional kids I watch is having one of those Screaming-At-The-Top-Of-His-Lungs Days, Emma is oddly whiney, and Jeremy keeps locking himself in the bathroom (not a good thing). I'm sure that if I don't medicate myself with the rest of this chocolate bar (and then some) things will get ugly.



Christine Bryant said...

You're funny. I do think chocolate is a cure all drug. Take it all the time. Sorry to hear that you're having a bad day with the kids. Sounds like you need a vacation or at the very least a nice long bath and maybe a massage. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a week in the Bahamas...LOL

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Dark chocolate is the best. I especially like it because my kids don't, so I don't have to share as much of it.

ali said...

LOL Kellie!

I love your picture and yessiree, I can totally agree. I love dark chocolate too!

trublubyu said...

chocolate. yes chocolate.

Ronda Hinrichsen said...

I can totally relate. Too often, chocolate becomes a food group at our house.

JerieH said...

I am really unto mint chocolate these days because Jacob HATES it. Love it!

janeen said...

chocolate = my sanity too! It's hard to go a day without it!

Melanie said...

Kellie - the more I read your blog (it's quite fun, by the way) the more I wish I had gotten to know you better while we were all in Logan. And I agree about the dark chocolate. Milk just kind of drifts through the body while dark shoots straight to the veins. Truly my drug of choice. :)