Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love List #12- A Hunka, Hunka Odd Lovin'

Some of you might think I'm weird for including this on my loves list, but this is seriously one of my all time favorite things to do/read/collect.


I took a few folklore classes at USU (as many as I could justify) and loved them all. I even tried to audit a class right after Megan was born, but it didn't work out. Reading intensive class+newborn+not much sleep≠conducive learning environment

I kept all my textbooks from those classes (including the class I ended up not auditing) and one summer I did a personal study class where I went down to Texas and collected Hispanic folklore from people I knew and complete strangers. I asked them about ghost stories they might have heard, monster stories, any kind of story and then analysed how many times similar stories came up and what their similarities and differences were. I loved doing it. And now a record of my project with all the stories is available in the Utah State University Special Collections and Archives! Wahoo!

Two of my favorite textbooks were The Vanishing Hitchhiker and I Heard the Old Fisherman Say. I think most people in my class didn't particuarly enjoy Fisherman, but I loved it. It was all folklore and superstitions of fisherman mostly in the Galveston, Texas area, which is of course 20 minutes from where I grew up. Hitchhiker was a lot like the Scary Stories to Read in the Dark books that everyone read in junior high school. They just had analyses of the stories and lore at the end of each chapter.

Anyway, this really is something I absolutly love and if I could have, I would have majored in folklore and for a living I would just read cool stories and study them.


rachel said...

This is so cool! How great that you have your project available. Did you
major in this? And is folklore something you would like to write about as well or just read? I find this all very interesting :)

Christine Bryant said...

Very cool. Sounds like some of those scary stories would be cool to tell around a campfire. I'm definitely inviting you on my next camp out. Me, I LOVE ghost stories. The scarier the better. Not so much the gory stuff, but the supernatural intrigues me.

Great Post. I've enjoyed getting to know you better.


ali said...

That is so cool!

I envy you your knowledge - it'll surely come in handing with your writing one day!

I love celtic folklore and wish I knew more than I do. I only know the stories my Grampa told when I was a kid and I have no idea if I've remembered them right. Hmm.

Karen Hoover said...

Wow, what an interesting interest. lol Very, very cool. I always liked mythology from different cultures myself. Fascinating stuff. Great post!

Rachelle said...

How neat! I bet you've got some great spinoffs from the folklore brewing in your brain.