Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Beautiful Moment

Nathan said it was just because we're girls, and I did notice her brother wasn't crying. Or maybe I didn't see him crying because he turned his head at just the right moment. I can't be sure.

Today I went to see our house again. The house that will be ours within what will hopefully be a couple very short months. The man's daughter and son were there to help him start getting things ready for his move. There is a lot of furniture that he can't take with him. Beautiful pieces that have probably been in the home since they moved in as the original owners in 1950. Beautiful dressers and side tables. An antique desk in near perfect condition. A vintage vanity. And guess what. The electric turn key lamp we thought was leaving. . .it's staying. It's ours.

When we stepped into his daughter's bedroom she told me how much she loved living in the house and how full of love it was. Is. She began talking about her mom and began to tear up. I told her when I first came to her childhood home I could feel that love and it made me fall in love with the home. It wasn't just a really cool house to me. It wasn't just our first house. I know and understand what we are getting. In a way, what we are inheriting from them. Together we stood in her girly pink bedroom, with it's framed Norman Rockwell painting and turn key lamp, and we cried. She of course had more reason to cry than me--her childhood home is being sold, her father is moving out of it and it will no longer be there for her to come back to and reminisce. My reasons aren't as sharp. Could it have been sympathy? I don't think so. I am sorry that she won't have the house to come back to whenever she wants, but I'm too excited to really feel much sympathy. I hope that doesn't make me a bad person.

I think the real reason I cried there with her was the Spirit was in her home in overwhelming proportions. The love her family has for eachother and the love of the Lord exists in their home. I felt it the first time I entered into it and it helped me fall in love with the house. This second time was so much greater because today his children were in the home, filling it with even more love.

I feel so amazingly blessed.


rachel said...

I'm even more excited for you now!!

Andrea said...

That does sound like a beautiful moment.

Jess said...

that sounds like a beautiful moment.. but i wouldn't feel bad for not feeling sympathy.. almost everyone has to lose their childhood home eventually..

the wilsons said...

Now that's my kind of 'home.' i'd just be afraid that with my kids i'd drive the spirit right out the second we moved in. i'm really excited for you, kellie. you deserve it.

Annette Lyon said...

Maybe it's a female thing--whatever the reason, it's real. What a cool moment. Congrats on the house.

Leanne said...

That is so sweet. And sad. And happy all tied into one!