Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Never Happened Before

For the first time,
in I think possibly. . .ever,
all three kids are asleep for a nap.

Jeremy fell off of Megan's bed. I was going to take him out and rock him, but instead put him on his own bed and laid down with him for a few minutes. After a very scratchy-due-to-my-sore-throat round of "The Family Song," or Families Can Be Together Forever, he fell asleep.

Nathan rocked Emma while I then laid Megan down. I wondered about Megan. She doesn't go down easily. But weariness finally won her over.

I have a quiet house.
I'm trying to appreciate it while I've got it.


Josie said...

Now THAT is exciting!!

Jess said...


trublubyu said...

the planets have aligned for you. hardly ever happens. congratulations!

Danyelle Ferguson said...


the wilsons said...

Now that is heaven. I hope you took advantage of the moment.

Amber Omer said...

You are awesome! Getting 2 down at once is hard enough! Hope you were able to enjoy it, every momment!