Sunday, March 22, 2009


We had a good weekend here. Nathan was on Spring Break all week which was great. On Wednesday he told me he had a surprise for me on Friday. So Friday morning we woke up early and got in the car and got driving. A couple hours later I recognized a Mc Donald's. We hadn't eaten there (blech), but we'd turned around in the parking lot months ago. We were in Pennsylvania. And not just anywhere in Pennsylvania, but we were near Ikea.

We pulled into the parking lot, took Megan to the kid play area (Jeremy sadly is still too short to enter the play area and not fully potty-trained), and then began meandering though. Nathan asked me if I knew why we were there and I had to be honest: No Earthly Idea.

I knew there were tons of things I wanted at Ikea. But I couldn't think of why we would be there other than just to have something to do.

When we got to the bedroom stuff he walked to the dressers and said, "Pick one."

I was shocked. I got to pick out a new dresser!! I've been using the K-Mart dresser we bought for Megan when she was born. The drawers stick, refusing to either come out or go back in. Also, I have more clothes than the average 4 year old, and needed more space than a simple, small, 4 drawer dresser would allow.

And since the last time we went to Ikea we bought a dresser for Megan and Emma to share, and I of course picked out my favorite dresser for them, I got to pick out the same dresser for me. I just picked a different color this time. So mine is a black wood. And has no hardware. Because, if you recall, I bought a bunch of different pieces of hardware for Megan and Emma's dresser at Anthropologie. Nathan would prefer that my dresser look "classier." Really, that's exactly what he said. So, for my dresser, I will be picking matching, cool, vintage-type hardware. That's ok, right Nathan?


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rachel said...

I like it! We were just at Ikea last night looking for curtains :)

Summer said...

Oooh! What a fun surprise! I love your new dresser. Yes, very classy! I STILL have never been to Ikea. I need to run out there one of these days.

Momza said...

Oh those are the best kind of surprises aren't they??

Hope u'll take pics of the dresser with the new hardware!
Really sweet blog--especially your March 4th posting...about the house.
Very tender.

Ry and Kris Jones said...

Yay for new furtinture!!! Wahoo!! and yay for surprises!!!!

JerieH said...

Oh my gosh! I am so jealous!

Leanne said...

that's nice! someday I'll get more furniture, I'm afraid my new house will be very poorly furnished for a while. :(

Amber Omer said...

LUCKY! The dresser looks very classy and spacious! Way to score some points Nate!