Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Field Trip

I will preface this with an apology. Sorry mom, I forgot to bring my camera. I know I promised to take lots of pictures and as I was getting ready all morning I thought I have to remember the camera and then I forgot it. I even had to run back into the apartment because I forgot Megan's physical form. So I'm sorry but there are no pictures to go with this post. I did see other ladies taking pictures, so I'm sure I can ask them for copies or for them to email me.

That being said, Megan and Jeremy loved the Museum of Natural History yesterday.

I didn't stick around with Megan's group because every time she saw me she left her class and came running up to me. I didn't want to be disruptive, so Jeremy, Emma and I stuck with another of the classes. Except when they went to see the animals outside. I thought they were crazy for doing that. It was 15 degrees out there! No way was I taking my kids (or myself) out in that freezing weather just to look at a couple birds and a moose.

Jeremy ran into the planetarium, which I don't think was included in our trip. Nevertheless, he decided he wanted to see the planet stuff. It was actually kind of cool from what I got to see. Both kids loved seeing the dinosaur bones and Lucy, the supposedly 3 million year old set of bones. Jeremy was scared of a primitive shark they had on display. He started freaking out and made me carry him past it. Megan was positive it was a nice shark and tried to arrange an introduction for Jeremy, but he just wouldn't have it.

In all it was a good day. After the field trip we proceeded to have the world's fastest trip to Target so I could get some necessities before a prospective new tenant came to view our apartment. That gave me 15 minutes to get home and clean up the apartment. Uh, yeah. The cleaning up part didn't go so well. There was a half-eaten apple, a banana peel, a crushed cupcake, and all manner of junk in the living room, kid beds were unmade, the kitchen table still looked messy, and the kitchen. . .oh the kitchen. Let's not even reflect on the mess that was (is) in there. I vacuumed and half made Megan's bed before the girl got here. She didn't seem to mind that everything was in it's normal state of messiness. She said it helped her see how it would look like "lived in." Yes, she was very kind to pretend not to see my mess.

Anyway, she is looking at another apartment today and will let us know soon if she wants ours (please oh please oh please).


Ry and Kris Jones said...

What a fun field trip. And I hope someone finds that your apartment is the one for them. :)

rachel said...

See, that's the goal isn't it? To present a "lived in" feel for prospective renters. I totally understand :) Crossing my fingers that she wants to rent yours!! Good luck Kellie :)

Leanne said...

wait! I think I missed something in my absence. Are you moving?

JerieH said...

You didn't go out side?! You missed Gracie, the frisky otter, and the ever friendly Trukey that tried to eat Ginny's blanket when we went a couple of weeks ago.

I will keep my fingers crossed for your apartment renting!