Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Retro House Pictures!!!!

Who wants to see the Retro House?

I know you're all screaming Me! Me!

So here it is. . .

First we have my favorite room in the house
(because it will be my room. My sewing/craft/writing room). Here you get a little peek into the dining room, which we didn't get a picture of, sorry.

P.S. This is all the owner's furniture in here still. We don't move in until the end of May. We were there for the housing inspection today and asked him if we could take some pictures.

The Pink Kitchen

Yes, those are turquois and black tiles on the counter top! Why do you ask?
So Nathan hates the counter top, and like I said before, I've always hated tiled counters until this one. I don't know why. This will be the first change we make to the house.

Now on to the bathroom. Everyone needed to make pit stop, right?
Don't get dizzy now!

Yep, that wallpaper goes right on up and over the ceiling. If you need to sit down and take a breath, I'll try to understand while I'm basking in the glow of the funkiness. While you're at it, check out the great bath tiles on the wall :)

Ok, now that you're feeling better, let us move on to Jeremy and Emma's future room. Yes, we are having them share as we don't think Jeremy should be in a room by himself yet and Megan wanted her own. We thought it worked out perfectly.

We will be covering up that linoleum with carpet.

On to the master bedroom.

Holy colors, Bat-Man! More pink!

The ceiling lamp that Nathan was hoping would go.

And are you ready for this? Here is Megan's room with the darling wall turn-key lamp that is mine! All mine!!!!! [crazy, maniacal laugh]

I love it!


Janelle said...

I love all the light in your room. That will be great for crafting!

The pink kitchen is kinda charming. Having tile countertops in my kitchen, though, I would definitely advise against them.

The bathroom...well, it's a bit much on the ceiling. The walls I could do, but the ceiling is just too much. It's probably pretty dark in there, too. The tan tile is nice and neutral, though. If you leave it it, there's still a lot you could do with that room (if you're planning on tearing the paper out).

Okay, a man lives in that pink room? Wow. The ceiling lamp in there is pretty cool, but I can see why Nathan would want it to go.'re really excited about the turn-key wall lamp. Lol.

Looks like a great house. I'm excited for you!

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness, that house is awesome! It has so much character!! Can I just say that bathroom is AWESOME! I really like it, esp those funky tiles in the shower. So Cool! You need to get some pictures of the outside. What kind of yard, what color, etc. I am so excited for you. I love the turn key lamp too. Megan's room is so pretty and dainty. Wow Kellie, I am super excited for you!

Lindsey said...

Sorry, just one more thing. I hope they are leaving that paper towel holder in the kitchen because it is totally awesome! Love it!

Anonymous said...

The bathroom is amazing. That wall paper is great. I love your house it fits you personality well and I can't wait to come over after you have gotten everything all worked out.

Jess said...

that is so fun! i'm excited for you!

janeen said...

I love the bathroom wall paper, I'm not sure about having it on the ceiling though.
congrats again!

Summer said...

Love the lamp! So sweet for a little girl's room! I think we have the very same yellow tile in the bathroom!

Great house! I'm so excited for you!

Leanne said...

I like that paisley wall paper! What a fun house! It totally fits you guys, so exciting!!!

rachel said...

This house is DARLING! I love the lights fixtures and the bath tiles (they are so whimsical) You never see that anymore! The craft room is incredible too!

Zann said...

Ok, first off - IF YOU GET RID OF THE TILE ON THE COUNTERTOP I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU. They don't make houses with cool countertops like that anymore!!! Get new cupboards, dump the linoleum in the bedroom for carpet (PLEASE), and if you must, get rid of the wallpaper in the bathroom (I still think it's cool) - but KEEP THE TILE!! My plea is finished.

Kellie said...

Zann, I would love to keep the tile counter tops, but Nathan says it's a no. So I guess you can never forgive Nathan for that one. I've fought for it and lost. I might be able to get it pushed back, but I doubt it. Home Depot has a counter top deal going on and it ends right around when we get the house, so I think he's going to jump on it. I'll mourn the loss of the tile counters with you. I think I won the argument for the wallpaper in the bathroom though. As least for a while. And yes, the linoleum is going to be gone.

Mary said...

How exciting!!! You totally deserve it too! Let us know, we can help with the move!

Melanie said...

Such a great house! I love it! And I actually love the kitchen tile counter tops. It's yummy and original and fun. I'm so glad you got your house, and your lamp!