Sunday, March 8, 2009


I saw this video the other day and have been thinking about it ever since. I know it is probably circulating on a ton of Mormon Mommy Blogs, but I don't care, I'm adding mine to the list.

I love that even though this talk was given to the sisters of the Church, much of the video focuses on children. I know the point is to drive home how innate the desire to create is, but I guess, well, it did. What child doesn't love to draw, paint, work with play dough, color, come up with new words, dances, games, stories. . .the list could go on and on.

My children do these on a daily basis and I'll be honest, it used to bug me that they'd want to draw so much. Draw to the point that our printer is always out of paper and crayon stains are always on my carpet. It used to bug me that they'd make up new words that I couldn't understand, or new games that didn't seem to have rules that I would be expected to play. And I don't know if other kids do this, or if my children alone do this strange bit of creativity, but my kids love to make shapes with their hands, twisting their fingers into new positions and then asking if I can do it, too. Usually they do this when I'm driving and I can't join in the creative fun, even if I wanted.

I've decided to be more encouraging of my children. I will praise them more, and let them know just how good their dinosaur drawings are or just how cool their new twisted finger positions are. They are practicing something that God has given them, the desire to create, and I don't want to squash it with "Where's the computer paper?" or "Please stop doing that with your hands" or "I don't have time for your little game."


Kim said...

What a wonderful message. He is one of my absolute favorite GA's. Thanks for sharing

Summer said...

Great video! I remember LOVING that talk when I heard it in conference! I love how you applied it to children! So true.

Day Family said...

I LOVE this talk! I have actually forwarded it to some non-member friends before. Oh, and NO your kids are not the only ones who do the weird twisted hand tricks. Emma was bugged just today that she couldn't get the Heart shape just right! Ha! so funny!

Anonymous said...

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