Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Birthday Boy!

On Sunday Jeremy turned 2 years old. We had an ocean cake and blackberry ice cream. We spent the first part of the morning watching him open his presents from his wonderful grandmas and grandpas and Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mike. After Church we came home, had his birthday dinner of chicken a la king (which we've made twice this week and each time I've thought of you, Janeen! By the way, I'd like your recipe.) and then the cake and ice cream.

Then on Monday morning we went to the zoo to continue celebrating Jeremy's birthday. On Mondays the zoo is free for residents of Cuyahoga county. We showed our driver's licenses and they just let us in! We did buy tickets to get into the rain forest because that is a separate part of the zoo that isn't free on Monday and it was really cool! We did the rain forest first and spent quite a bit of time there. One of the animals we saw quite a bit in the rain forest was the Francois Monkey. These are really cute little monkeys with a white mustache. These two Francois Monkeys are hugging, so we got a picture of two of our little monkeys hugging.

The elephants were the first animals we saw after the rain forest.

Proof that Emma was there :o)

At the Australian Adventure area there was this snake tunnel that the kids loved.

Megan with Kangaroo Ears

Jeremy with Kangaroo Ears

They had an aviary where you could feed birds little cups of nectar. Here is Megan helping me feed this bird.

Here's the thing. Every time I'm on the ferry at Galveston, inevitably someone yells, "Ew! A seagull pooped on me!" I was reminded of this about five seconds too late. Yes, the bird turned around, opened it's little birdie butt, and proceeded to let loose. I freaked out and threw my hand back, spilling the nectar on me and an old woman next to me. I don't know if the bird missed pooping on me or not since my hand was covered in nectar.

The cute koalas. Here's a question. Why are they called koala bears if they aren't bears at all?

Jeremy loved this hand thing. He didn't want to leave it and threw a fit when we made him keep walking.

All in all, it was a great birthday for Jeremy. He got some clothes, money, a sheriff's badge, sidewalk chalk, a toy laptop, bubbles and bubble-making toys, his own box of cereal and his own pack of juice boxes which he doesn't have to share. Lots of fun!

I have a video of the presentation of the birthday cake which I will post as soon as Nathan gets it up on the computer.


Leanne said...

how cool is it that they let you go for free?! It looks like a pretty nice Zoo too. good for you guys finding cool stuff there!

I love that you got to feed the birds nectar, I love the hands-on stuff. except for the poop, of course!

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are all doing really well. These pictures are so cute! Jeremy and Megan seem to have really grown up since you guys have moved. The zoo there look awesome. That is very cool that you can get in for free. Keep in touch. Oh, can you send me your phone# again. Thanks for the note, you are so sweet!

Mark and Jess said...

a box of cereal, huh? that totally rocks..

mom said...

Wish we could have been at the BD party.

Happy BD to you too a day early!



mom said...




janeen said...

Happy Birthday to both of you! I am glad you like the chicken a la king. It's a favorite here, everyone eats it with no complaints...well most of the time!