Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obsession Update

I went upstairs to use my landlord's fax machine and asked him if he'd read The Other Boylen Girl and he gave me a blank stare. I told him I'd seen it on his bookshelf when we were signing the rental agreement and he still couldn't remember what book I was talking about. We searched over his collection until I found it and showed it to him. He said he didn't remember much about it because it was so long ago and handed me the book. I was about muster up the courage to ask if I could borrow it when he said I could keep it. Awesome! He said he reads books and then gives them away all the time. He doesn't reread books I guess and he doesn't want to throw them away, so he just trades books with people all the time. He also gave me The Da Vinci Code, said I'd probably like it if I like historical fiction, which I do. So now there are two more books on the bookshelf! Sweet!


Tracey said...

That's awesome...way to go! Free is GOOD! Hope you're doing well.

Leanne said...

I saw the movie the other Bolyn (sp?) sister and is was a bit scandalous. I hope the book is a good read though, let us know if you like it. the story is interesting.