Saturday, July 12, 2008

Toilet Water

The water here is not acceptable. I know on the pamphlet about the city's utilities and such it says that the water meets or exceeds requirements, but the question is, who's requirements? They certainly didn't take the taste buds' needs into consideration when they said the water was passable.

I've tried to make the water taste decent, but no amount of lemon juice and sugar are able to help here. The stuff is plain nasty. It tastes like a toilet smells. I've saved some empty Gatorade bottles and filled them with water, then put them in the fridge in hopes that making the water really cold will help. Unfortunately it just makes it taste like really cold toilet water.

Here's a tip: If you ever go swimming in Lake Eerie, don't open your mouth ever-it tastes like a toilet.

Nathan was kind enough to buy me powdered Gatorade so I can make my own Gatorade and not have to taste the toilet anymore. I don't know how other people get by here. The kids haven't seemed to notice a difference in the quality of water while Nathan just doesn't seem to care that his water tastes nasty.

So I guess that's one more thing about Utah and Texas that I miss. Never thought I'd miss Logan water. It took me five years to get used to it so I only had one year drinking it without being grossed out. My parents have Culligan delivered, so they always have good water. But even before then, the tap water always tasted great.


Leanne said...

Have you tried a filtration system via a water pitcher? I hate when water is gross. And I'm not liking the soft water much here in this house either. I guess we'll find a way to survive!

Kellie Buckner said...

I haven't tried a filter yet. We had one when we first got married and I always forgot to change the filter so I gave it to someone who wanted one. It might be time to try one again.

The Odd Family said...

When we lived in Las Vegas the water was nasty and we had to use a filter to make it drinkable. Filtered water in the fridge. Try it. Maybe it will help. I'm picky about the taste and temp of my water too.