Monday, July 21, 2008

Sabrina, the Teenage Fish

I frequently find myself sitting down, unable to do much of anything. Many young mothers would call this "nursing." To occupy my mind and keep me from going nuts I watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch on I used to watch the show when it first started, back when I was in high school, and I enjoyed its quirky humor. I guess I still do because I've now watched every episode up through most of the first season of the college years. I can't wait for Harvey to come back and I think it's way cool the girl that played Punky Brewster is Sabrina's roommate. Megan often watches these with me and is always asking questions about the show. It surprises me how good she is with names of people she's never met, but sees on these shows, and yet she still can't remember that Valerie is Sabrina's friend, Libby is not.

In seemingly unrelated news, Nathan bought himself his much desired fish tank (using and getting a great deal) and has placed in it four rosy barbs. They look like this.

I asked Nathan if he was going to name the fish and he said he supposed he would and then proceeded to ask me if I liked the name Charles. Megan then piped up and started spouting off nonsense names like she usually does when she is naming her dolls and stuffed animals (remember her Webkins names? Swesty . . . ) We let the subject die soon after Megan's wonderful suggestions and I left the room to curl my hair for Church (unsuccessfully, by the way). Megan stayed with Nathan watching the fish and at some point in my futile attempt at hair styling Megan came in to ask me if the names she had just come up with for the fish would be alright. I asked her what the names were and she said: Sabrina, Valerie, Libby, and Harvey. We do have three females and a male, so the names fit gender-wise. So now we have fish named from a late 90's early 2000's TV show about a witch.

Also, Megan keeps pointing at things, shaking her finger violently, and then asking me, "Mom, why doesn't my magic work?"

picture of rosy barbs stolen from here.

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Mark and Jess said...

we're wondering why she didn't name them after us!