Thursday, July 24, 2008

Picture Time!

Here is our fish tank and four fish. It now has a piece of bog wood in it which helps with the acidity of the water.

Just a couple cute pictures of Emma.

Jeremy playing with his birthday bubbles.

At our latest trip to the zoo we found a huge tortoise which Megan was able to pet. Jeremy liked to look at it, but was scared to touch it.

Jeremy loved the giraffes and could have watched them much longer than we let him. We had to stop by the giraffes "one more time" before we could leave to go home.


Leanne said...

oh cute pictures! I love the innocent face that Jer has in the toothpaste ones! and I love that he put on socks with the shoes! have yet to see that at my house!

Cathy Witbeck said...

Kelly,I love, love, love your photos. I didn't realize how much I missed my kids at that age. My kids are 18,16,15,13 and 11 right now. It's great that no one is in diapers and that some of them can drive, but their little innocent comments and sweet baby faces are gone. Now we get the snarky teenage stuff (which I'll admit can be kind of a riot).I guess there are trade offs. Keep having fun with those rascally kids.

Kellie Buckner said...


Thanks! My kids are definitely a riot! Sometimes I do have to remind myself that they grow up fast though. I'm always thinking how nice it will be when they're in school and I'll actually have some time to myself that doesn't include locking myself in the bathroom.