Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 4th , Bugs With Glowing Butts, and a Cool Pageant

Almost a week late, but oh well. Our Fourth of July was awesome. Nathan surprised us by planning a fun nature trip. We went on a small hike, saw a nice waterfall, a cool pond, and a bunch of geese. Canadian geese at that! Then of course we went to a fireworks show at a local junior high. There were a bunch of firework shows apparently, because there was one behind us that we could just barely see (trees in the way of most of it) but it was ending just as ours was starting. It was the longest fireworks display I've ever seen and they had some really cool ones.

One fun thing was while we were waiting for the show to start, we watched the area around us for lightning bugs. There are a ton of them here! All over the place. A couple days ago Nathan went outside and caught one. He put it in a jar and brought it upstairs to show the kids as they were going to bed.

Last night we went to the "This is Kirtland" pageant, which was awesome, and as we were leaving I saw tons and tons of lightning bugs. There were clusters of them all over the place. Even as we were driving on the highway I saw them.

The Kirtland pageant was really impressive. It was entertaining and well done. The Martin Harris pageant in Logan was popular, but when I saw it years and years ago I wasn't impressed. I'm sure it was just me, but I've never had a desire to go back to it. The Kirtland pageant was fun to watch and I think Megan and I will audition for it next year. It will be a fun thing we can do together, and since it goes on in the summer, Nathan can take care of Jeremy and Emma while Megan and I have practice, that is if we make it. I haven't acted in anything in a long, long time. I miss it. I always forget how much I miss acting until I go see a play or musical.

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Leanne said...

I love lightning bugs, I wish we had them in Utah. That would be cool for you to be in that pageant. I may have to come and see it.