Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apple Picking (Again) and More Fun

Grandma Mary and Amber requested pictures, so here they are!

Jeremy saw me with a towel on my head after a shower
and then asked for one when he got out of the bath.

We went apple picking at Patterson's Farm. Megan sneaked up a tree to get some of the apples because they were all too high for her to reach.

Sharing Apples

Emma gets to just hang out. Lucky girl.

Megan really wanted to try out this swing. She was just all kinds of excited about it.

By this point in the day the kids were all really tired and getting them to smile wasn't easy.

This was a gorgeous lake they had on the farm. The trees around it were all changing and it was just really relaxing to be there and sit by it while Megan and Jeremy looked for flowers and weeds to throw into the lake. Of course, very little of what they threw actually ended up in the lake because of a breeze that was going toward us, blowing everything back in their faces.

Here's a primitive stitch I did for our neighbor.
(This is a really random post filled with all kinds of stuff, sorry.)

On a rainy day we decorated cupcakes for Halloween. I know it's a bit early, but I really wanted cupcakes. We invited a couple kids in our ward to decorate them with us. Most of the cupcakes were eaten before the icing or sprinkles even made it to the table!

The other day Jeremy decided (or Megan talked him into it) to wear Megan's pajama top. They called it his school coat. Apparently he is ready to go to school only if he is wearing it. Here I think he's actually wearing the bottoms, too. This surprises me because I didn't think he had enough waist to keep them up.

Megan kept insisting that Jeremy go to school, so eventually I played teacher with
them and did a math lesson and a geography lesson.

So as you can see we are having fun and being busy. Now I am off to work on Megan's Halloween costume.


trublubyu said...

looks like apple picking is fun at pattersons farm. beautiful.

2 things:
i love your primitive stitch project.

is that your son in the green and brown stripe shirt? and if so, where did you get that shirt? (i'm looking for just such a shirt for my son)

Anonymous said...

such cute cute pictures!!!!!

Kellie Buckner said...

Yep, that's my boy. I got his shirt at Old Navy. I love that store's kid clothing.

Summer said...

So many fun things! Fall is my FAVORITE!!!

I LOVE, LOVe, LOVE the Primitive sampler! SO CUTE! You should teach an enrichment night! Ü

Anonymous said...

You have some dang cute kids kellie!!! And that is awesome that Emma is such a easy going baby. I only hope that I am as lucky.