Monday, October 20, 2008

Road Trip!

This weekend we decided to take a road trip to Pittsburgh. For some reason we love to punish ourselves with long road trips and three cranky kids. for this road trip there were two things on our agenda.

Ikea and leaves.

We accomplished both.

So much prettier than Cleveland. I mean, there are pretty parts of Ohio with the leaves changing, but this is just gorgeous!

Jeremy making a sweet face while I'm trying to sooth Emma.
She'd been in her carseat a l-o-n-g time by this point.

Megan doing her typical, princess-tilting-head-to-the-side pose. With Oreos on her mouth, too.

The trip was fun. We ended up getting some Christmas presents for the kids as well as the dresser we wanted. I love Ikea. It is just so much fun! There was a Toys R Us next to it, so Nathan took Jeremy there while I took Megan back in Ikea to play at the children's area. While she played I checked out some of the cute kitchen ware. Found my future china!


Jess said...

fun! next destination: mark & jess'

janeen said...

how long was the drive. You must really love IKEA. Next time you can come to UT and I'll tag along to IKEA.

Tracey said...

HOLY COW!! Apparently it's been awhile since I looked at your blog, because I had no idea that you cut Meghan's hair!! I LOVE IT!! It's SO cute!! When did you do it? Other than that, I'm glad you were able to go away, and see some sites, especially some leaves and Ikea (I LOVE Ikea...I could spend a lot of money there...if I had a lot of money...which I don't:)

Leanne said...

good job making to both places, that really is an accoplishment for a long car trip. Pretty leaves. looks like Maine!

Crystal said...

I don't know when Megan got her hair cute, but it's adorable!! Hope you guys are doing good.

Amber said...

You're kids are dang cute. It's worth taking them on the long road trips because you are making memories for them that they will love when they get older. You guys are awesome parents. It's good to see you are doing well. Give the kids hugs and kisses for us.