Monday, October 13, 2008

New Quote Monday

I know it's kind of late to be getting the New Quote Monday out. I mean, there's only a couple hours left until Tuesday, but I've been thinking about this guy all day and really wanted to get one of his quotes on here before I head to bed sometime in the next 12 hours. His name is Ashleigh Brilliant (I don't know if I should congratulate him or console him) and he is quite witty. His sense of humor is dry and smart. Some of his quotes can be found on the Demotivators, which are hilarious. Off topic: My favorite Demotivators are Cluelessness, Idiocy, Inspiration, Potential, Loneliness, and Individuality. If you've never seen Demotivators, check them out; they are really funny. If you don't have time to look at my favorites, just check out the last three I listed.

Anyway, here's the quote from Mr. Brilliant. It makes me think of the current political circus we have going on right now. I'm not sure I can bring myself to vote for either of the idiots we have running.

"I want either less corruption or more opportunity to participate in it."-


janeen said...

I love the quote!

now you need to tell me how do you get the blog update thingy on teh side? I want to do that so I don't have to go into everyone's blog just to see no update. Please help me!

Janelle said...

Demotivators are totally fun. I just looked at each of the ones you posted. Funny note about the individuality one -- the snowflakes only have 5 points!