Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My First Giveaway!

Well, I've seen it done, but never actually hosted one before. I thought it would be fun to try a little one before the Bloggy Carnival Giveaway later this month. (for more info. click the link)

So I mentioned last week that I made those cute hair clips for Megan, right? Well, I made some Halloween ones and I'm putting those up in the Giveaway! I know mine isn't as cool as other giveaways because I made these instead of a cool company sponsoring me and begging me to advertise for them on my blog and as part of it they would give me a ton of really cool stuff to just giveaway, but oh well. I like making them and I want to share with all my friends.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on my blog and mention this giveaway on your blog with a link to this post. I know, I know. I expect so much of you.

You have until Friday night at 10 PM (Ohio time, I'm not staying up till midnight for y'all in Utah). At 10 PM I'll have Nathan choose three random numbers between 1 and whatever the highest comment number is and those people will be the lucky recipients of some cute Halloween hair clips!

BTW-my Giveaway for the Bloggy Carnival will also be hair clips (hey, they are fast, easy, inexpensive, and gosh darn cute) but they will be more like the ones I made for Megan earlier. Here are some pictures of the Halloween clips.

Sorry if they are hard to see, I was having lighting issues. Anyway, the winners will get to pick whether they want two skeleton clips, two pumpkin clips, or one of each.


Anonymous said...



Shellie said...

DUDE are you dissing on my give away!!!

I love your hair clips

would it be cool if a 27 wore them?

Jess said...

so, if i tried to give away dead ms. spidey (see my blog if you haven't seen her already), do you think anyone would take her as a halloween decoration?

Motherboard said...

Sweet! My Thing 3 would think she had died and gone to heaven!!

JerieH said...

What do you mean they aren't as cool as a big company? These are "hand-made," people spend a ton of money for "hand-made!"

janeen said...

I so want those hairties. Let me win!

Kristine said...

I entered your contest. However, if I win you can send my winning to Janeen since my baby would destroy them in two seconds and that would not be nice.

Momma Miller said...

How cool! I love the pumpkin ones! I'll advertise on my girl hair blog. Thanks for the giveaway!

Our Winning Circle said...

Adorable! Please enter me to win..