Monday, October 13, 2008

Creative Weirdness

This is something I've been meaning to write about for a while and was saving it for when all my other ideas were dried up. Not much has been happening and my brain feels kind of fried from listening to babysitting kid #2 scream (I'm seriously going deaf from him, my ears ring all the time now).

Those of you who know my husband might know him as a crazy, creative guy. He knits, comes up with songs (check out Pajama time in my Tootin' My Own Horn section on the bottom right sidebar), is creating his own boardgame, has helped work on another boardgame, and is just plain funny.

I'm not sure how many of you know this, but he likes to write weird stories. Like funny weird stories. I love his stories and thought I'd "publish" a couple on my blog. (Sorry, Nathan, your payment will be cookies, kisses, or apple cake, you can pick whichever you like or an assortment of all three. It just won't be money because we all know how I don't have any of that lying around.)

The first story, you may or may not notice, consists entirely of one syllable words. This was on purpose. Every once in a while Nathan spent quite a bit of time finding just the right one syllable word. Enjoy!

Once there was a small girl who liked to walk through the woods. One day as she walked, she came to a place she had not seen, though she knew she had passed by there in the past. It was a nice place with a pond and a lot of plants. She sat on a brown log with green spots and watched the toads. There were lots of toads and each one had a lot of spots. Most were green with brown spots, but she saw one that was not the same as the rest. Its skin was blue and its spots were black. She thought it would be fun to play with this new toad. As she drew near, the blue toad jumped and lit on her shoe.
All at once the toad spoke. “Help me,” it croaked. With wide eyes the girl bent down and talked to the toad. “How can I help you?” she asked. “What do you need me to do?”
With that, the toad told her a tale of a witch and a cold piece of squash. The toad said that he had been in the woods when he found a lean, young girl in a small hut. She had a pot on a flame to cook some squash. She asked if he would like a piece. Of course he said yes. She served the squash on two small plates, one for her and one for him. But when he bit the squash, it was not hot! He asked her why it was not hot, though it had been on the flame. At this, the girl changed her form to be an old hag. She screamed at the prince and said, “Since you did not like my squash, I will make all who see you not like you. They will want to squash you!” She laughed a mean laugh and waved her hand.
The next thing he knew, the prince had been changed. He was not a man, but a small toad. He saw the mean witch one last time. As she ran from him, she yelled that to break the spell a young girl must kiss him.
“Wow,” said the girl, “that is great! All I need to do is kiss you and you will be a prince!”
“Yes,” said the toad.
The girl bent down and placed a kiss on the toad’s lips. At once, a prince stood where the toad was. But to her fright, the girl could not feel her lips. They were numb. Soon her face was numb, then her head, neck and so on. Soon she could not feel her legs or toes. She tried to shriek, but no sound came out. She saw her skin get hard and dry. She saw the wide eyes of the prince, which now filled with tears. “Why?!” he cried, “Why?!” In his fair hands he held a small squash where the girl had been.

The End

I'll put up another one later this week. Thanks Nathan for being so creative! I think your stories are fun and they definitely bring out your personality. And guess what. I just spelled "definitely" correctly for the first time EVER without using spell check. Congratulate me, I deserve it. I've been working on it for weeks. Seriously, I have. I'm totally not kidding. Ask my mom, I'm a terrible speller. Of course it took me four tries to type "using" correctly.


Jess said...

hahaha!! i love it! i had no idea nate had this secret talent..

trublubyu said...

so creative. must have been quite the challenge to create a story of one syllable words.

janeen said...

i totally can't spell the word definitley without spell check either!
very creative Natthan!

JerieH said...

Great story Nathan!

Janelle said...

I have two comments.

(1) That's just weird and twisted. Bust it totally sounds like Nathan.
(2) I was watching the first two paragraphs closely for any two-syllable words that might have slipped through, but then I got into the story and forgot about checking for consistency. That tells me it was a good story. Yay!