Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cleveland Children Museum

Last Saturday was National Museum Day. A girl in our ward was kind enough to mass email everyone and let us know. Because it was NMD you could print off a ticket that could get you and a friend into the museum for free. We printed two. I took Megan and Emma in (Emma was already free of course) and Nathan took Jeremy. So it was FREE BABY! WAHOO!

They had a ton of activities for the kids. First we went to the Farm area.
They had a "barn" with stuffed animals in it, "crops" to pick,
including corn stalks with a scarecrow which Jeremy wouldn't go near.
He is now frightened of any scarecrow, even the smilely faced ones at craft stores.

In the Farm area they had this jeep the kids could pretend to drive. There was music coming from the radio in it and it took me forever to realize that's where the music was.

They had a water area. What Children Museum is complete without one of these? The kids love it, get completely drenched even with the raincoats on, and they learn stuff.
(or are supposed to, anyway)

This is supposed to be the water cycle. Megan loved it.
Jeremy didn't so much because he was always confused as to which way to go.

In their Imagination area there was this boat where you could fish, a dress up area with a stage, a rope wall, a castle, all kinds of fun stuff.

The Doctor's Office. Here Nathan was their patient. They took his blood pressure,
gave him shots, looked in his ears, and tested his reflexes.

Obviously Megan knows this is going to hurt.
The "Get to Know Your City" area. There was a car shop, the lovely RTA bus which Megan is driving, a bank, a grocery store, and a kitchen. The kitchen doesn't really fit, but Jeremy liked it. He kept going back to mop the floors. He will be well employed in my home one day.


Jess said...

how fun!! i wonder if jeremy saw a small bit of batman begins, and that is why he's afraid of scarecrows...

Amber said...


The picture where Megan is giving Nathan a shot is a riot. She looks more like a gangster than a doctor. It's really funny.