Thursday, October 2, 2008

We Love Amber

Our friend Amber over at Zambersonville had a bad day. She's preg-o in the bell-o, so that's why. Near the end, the days are just too long, the hormones too rampant, and hubby's work and school too irksome. I emailed her earlier and told her I'd try to think of something to make her smile. This is what I came up with.

Just in case you can't read the list, this is what it says:

1. She's dang cool.
2. A great friend.
3. She likes to laugh.
4. She kicks butt on DDR
5. She's a great example to others.
6. She picks up pregnant strangers and gives them rides to school in the winter. (thanks, again!)
7. She's fun to hang out with.
8. Looks H-O-T pregnant.
9. Lets friends cry on her shoulder.
10. Is a hard worker.
11. Beautiful.
12. She loves us.

And because I ran out of room on the paper, here are some more reasons why we love Amber.

~If you're having a bad day, she drops what she's doing and spends time with you.
~She listens to the promptings of the Spirit.
~Has a beautiful voice.
~Looks for opportunities to help others.
~Encourages those around her to be happy and do their best.
~Is going to be a great mom.
~Lets me play with her hair.
~Trusted me to cut her hair (boy, is she nuts!)
~Talented in so many areas.
~Is patient.
~and many, many more, I just can't write them all because I already emailed Amber to tell her to check out the blog. In order for her to see this, I've got to finish it!

We Love You Amber! Have A Happy Day!


shellie said...

I'm having a bad day too.


that was very nice of you.

Anonymous said...

that was so sweet! :)

Ali said...

ohmigosh! how sweet are you?!?!? ;)

Amber said...

For everyone who reads this, I am that Amber that Kellie did such a sweet thing for. She is absolutely awesome and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful friend. We love you Kel